Cheese and Wine Challenge


Cheese & Wine Challenge around the woodland. Includes a forfeit for the losing team back at base camp. Yes – it’s a bush tucker trial with crispy critters!

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Activity Description

Cheese & Wine Challenge

Split into teams you will set off around the woodland, lakes and fields with a map & compass – each team needs to find the hidden symbol with the code number.
Teams have a set time and have to collect as many codes as they can. The winning team receives the the treat, will they be kind enough to share?

A selection of cheeses, crackers, grapes and red or white wine are awaiting the winners on their return to base camp.

The losing team get a a bush-tucker trial with crispy critters and coco bugs, and a worm lolly pop – yes we have a scorpion lollypop!  You can vote who gets to eat  this one!

Group Size: 10-200
Session Times: 2 hours
Restrictions: 18 years +